Changing the World. One Woman at a Time.


It all started when…

two best friends set out on a mission to change the world.

Hey there! We're Emily and Kelsey, and we truly believe that we can end generational poverty through the education and employment of women.

We started talking about our fictitious, hypothetical company in eighth grade, working on the very real By Grace in December of 2012, and were officially incorporated as an LLC in 2013, with our tax exempt status following in 2015.  Along the way we’ve designed a clothing line, met some incredible people, made big mistakes, had some success and realized there’s nothing we would rather do than run this company! We are passionate about women, about missions and about entrepreneurial pursuits. 

We believe that By Grace is not just another company, but that it is part of something bigger, part of a calling to impact millions of women in countries and cultures across the globe.  Sound daunting?  Why, yes it is.  Sound exciting?  More than you can imagine.

Not only is our collection created through By Grace, it is hand crafted By Lamisi, By Lydia, By Anna. We are not just another brand with a catchy name so you will follow us on Instagram (although you should totally follow us @thebygracefoundation), we are a company that is equipping women to create. To do. To act. To be the change.

Fashion didn't always come easy to us (and we have the pictures to prove it), so it seems strange that we would end up with a brand committed to changing the world through something as simple as women’s clothing and accessories. But before Emily in her pearls and Kelsey in her fishnets met as Office Aides, Emily lived in Ghana where everyone has one nice dress. And this dress is what was worn wear to all major life events. It was a special day when a girl chose her dress. When it was her time, Emily chose a deep blue fabric that she will still tell you about today. And even as a small girl, she knew that a dress could change a person’s perspective. This simple garment impacted the lives of at least two people: the woman wearing it and the woman who sewed it. So that’s the beginning—Emily saw a glimmer of what would be By Grace’s solution to conquering poverty and empowering women.

By Grace was started without a single business loan or donation. Emily and Kelsey used their own funds and volunteered their time and skills to prove that this idea, one that had stirred in their hearts for nearly a decade, was feasible and scalable. Now, they know that their dream is a reality and two girls truly can change the world, one woman at a time.