Empowering women through education and enterprise


The By Grace Foundation is a female founded 501(c)(3) that sponsors the training and education of women in impoverished communities.

Education: By Grace sponsors technical and business training, specifically sewing and beadwork, for women without the means to afford it. With this knowledge, women are equipped to become entrepreneurs and providers for themselves and their families.

Enterprise: By Grace purchases the crafted items from the women, providing them their first sale. These products are available on our online store for purchase. Profits are re-invested into the foundation to support these female entrepreneurs rising above poverty.




The By Grace Foundation operates a vocational training facility in Tamale, Ghana. In Ghana, a seamstress is a highly esteemed profession, but is only available to women with capital. By Grace sponsors the education fees and covers the cost of a girl's first sewing machine so that underprivileged women have the opportunity to make an income. 

Why Ghana? By Grace co-founders are strongly connected to this area of the world. Emily grew up in West Africa, and has deep roots in the community. Kelsey connected with orphanages in Accra, Ghana in middle school, and has remained involved with the community ever since. By Grace is operated through long-lasting relationships with the local church and resident missionaries.Ghana


Rosebud Reservation

"It's the closest thing to a third world country, but within the U.S." The Rosebud Reservation has an 80 percent unemployment rate, 33 percent reported rape rape for females and a reported per capita income of less than $9,000.

The By Grace Foundation partners with local women's rescue shelter, White Calf Buffalo Women's Society, to employ women coming out of abusive situations.

The number one reason women return to their abusers? Lack of financial independence. By Grace equips women with the skills, supplies and confidence to become entrepreneurs, and then By Grace pays them for the items they make.

Why the Rosebud Reservation? By Grace co-founders have been traveling to South Dakota since high school. Emily lived there for three years, and so of course, Kelsey came to visit. Through their time in South Dakota, they became aware of the situation occurring on the Rosebud Reservation; By Grace is their solution for radical change in the lives of the women on the Reservation. 



"There's a stack of applications of women wanting to work here - the alternative is often hard labor in a brick yard." The By Grace Foundation partners with Daughters of Hope and Lions in Four to provide training and employment to women in Bangalore and Kochi, India. School fees are expensive in India, and children are only able to go to school if their parents are able to fund their education. By employing women, children are able to afford school fees, the first step in overcoming generational poverty.

Why India? Through family friends, co-founders Emily and Kelsey connected with missionaries Dylan and Molly Fila, who started and run Daughters of Hope. As they began planning efforts in India, mutual friends introduced Emily met Julie Martin, founder of Lions in Four. By Grace works with both of these organizations to accomplish one mission - uplift and educate women in India. 



Women in Panama are paving their own way as business owners and entrepreneurs. Studies show that women in Panama aren’t afraid of failure, but instead worry more about their own capabilities. They doubt themselves and worry about the perception of others. Currently, it is more acceptable for women in Panama to retain traditional employment for the comfort of financial security. By Grace is partnering with powerhouse female entrepreneurs to alleviate these fears and doubts in the women of Panama.

Why Panama? The Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative partnered entrepreneur Nayleen Quintero with Emily and Kelsey as part of a mentorship program in 2017. Nayleen founded Sante Cutarras, and is responsible for employing women in Las Tablas and Panama City. She has an heart for empowerment, entrepreneurship and enterprise. We work together as partners, mentors, and employers.